Avalanche threat remains high in the Alps following historic snowfall.
Weeks of rainfall have produced a relentless rise in the water level, which is expected to peak at around 6m (20ft) above normal. Touring boats are tied up, riverside roads are sealed off and the Louvre museum has closed...
#eltempsib3 pic.twitter.com/TxSRM4iABw— Montse furment (@Montfurment) September 10, 2019 Fotogalerie: Heftiges Unwetter zieht über #Mallorcahttps://t.co/lVBko6j3Vy via @mz_tweets pic.twitter.com/TvgbSa2BPh— Mallorca Zeitung (@mz_tweets) September 10, 2019
The Atlantic storm has brought strong winds to the west of europe, snowfall to Scotland and giant waves to the Cantabrian sea like this video. San Sebastian - Donostia waves: WEATHER100.COM
Snow also forced school closures and caused transportation delays in other parts of northern and central Italy. It's bitterly cold through much of Europe. This cold weather pattern is associated with a split of the polar vortex  that occurred earlier in the month. Weather100.com Routers image.
Thousands of people spend the night trapped on the AP-6 highway. The Military Emergency Unit works to free the stuck cars. WEATHER100.COM
WEATHER100.COM Strongs winds and rain to the UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark and Germany for 03 January 2018. An active start to the winter season will bring a high risk for wind storms from the United Kingdom into France, Belgium, Netherlands,...
New Several Storm and Cold in Europe 27 December
Bilbao, Barcelona, Santander and San Sebastian in Spain all awoke to heavy flurries of snow on Wednesday as much of the northern part of the country. San Sebastian 28 February 2018 San Sebastian 28 February 2018 Bilbao 28 February 2018 Weather100.com