Tornado captured by citizens in the sea on the island of La Palma (Los Sauces) in the Canary Islands, impresses its large size and speed, it is not very common to see them so close to land. WEATHER100.COM
Parts of eastern England and Scotland have  seen snow, with more expected in the Midlands and Wales. More than 100 flights to and from Heathrow Airport have been cancelled and drivers are warned to take care.
The Atlantic storm has brought strong winds to the west of europe, snowfall to Scotland and giant waves to the Cantabrian sea like this video. San Sebastian - Donostia waves: WEATHER100.COM
High pressure sitting over Scandinavia will pull very cold air from Siberia westward across Europe in an event coined the “Beast from the East.” A similar event occurred at the end of February and early March this year and caused...                    Alert Heavy rain and wind in north Spain 27 December.  
WEATHER100.COM Strongs winds and rain to the UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark and Germany for 03 January 2018. An active start to the winter season will bring a high risk for wind storms from the United Kingdom into France, Belgium, Netherlands,...
Bilbao, Barcelona, Santander and San Sebastian in Spain all awoke to heavy flurries of snow on Wednesday as much of the northern part of the country. San Sebastian 28 February 2018 San Sebastian 28 February 2018 Bilbao 28 February 2018
As the storm approaches on Saturday, conditions will begin to worsen across Portugal and Spain with periods and rain and thunderstorms across both countries. The worst of the storm for Portugal and Spain will be Saturday night into Sunday as...
Thousands of people spend the night trapped on the AP-6 highway. The Military Emergency Unit works to free the stuck cars. WEATHER100.COM